I am a composer, curator, engraver, performer, and researcher currently living in Manchester, England.

My current artistic work investigates ways of composing the background of musical and social performance. Thus far, this has included directing the amount of attention given to perceiving sounds and emotions during social interactions and performances of other pieces of music that take place within concert environments. Recently, my artistic practice explored the physicality, ephemerality, and interpersonal relationality and memory of music making through a reconsideration of working with and understanding documentation practices surrounding musical work. That exploration led to an expanded conceptualization of the definition and limits of a musical score to include documents of musical performance such as video and audio recordings, as well as the musical and embodied memories of living human beings. Prior to that period of exploration, I focused on the material impermanency of scores, and the visual and psychological excesses and complexities of musical notations.

I have recently completed a course of research titled Effaced, Reflected, Being: Documents and/of/as Musicking Bodies and submitted for a PhD in music composition at The University of Huddersfield where I worked under the supervision of Aaron Cassidy and Liza Lim.

Together with Louis d’Heudieres and David Pocknee, I curate WEISSLICH, a concert series and platform for work happening at and around the intersection of experimental music and performance art practices.

In addition to my writings on this website I blog at Ears’ Ears, a site dedicated to presenting readings of documented musical work that approach music-making bodies as scores.

I also provide typesetting services.

Contact me; I like talking.

CV : up-to-date as of February 2017
photograph credit: Dimitri Djuric